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Dedicated to the service of humanity, through wisdom and love

Sophia’s Sanctuary is dedicated to the service of humanity, through wisdom and love. Every event we offer is guided by these principles. We offer opportunities for encountering the spirit in every thing living, through creative, life enriching programs. These include classes, workshops, retreats and training programs.

The Earthstar School 

 Earthstar School of Choreocosmos and Sacred Dance

Earthstar School of Choreocosmos and Sacred Dance

"The stars spoke once to humanity
It is World-destiny
that they are silent now
To be aware of the silence
Can become pain for earthly Man

But in the deepening silence
There grows and ripens
What man speaks to the Stars.

To be aware of the speaking
Can become strength to Spirit-man.
Can become strength to Spirit-man."

                               - Rudolf Steiner


Founder, Robert Powell
Director, Linda Delman

The Earthstar School was founded in 2009, by Robert Powell and Linda Delman, in Sebastopol, CA. It is a branch of the Choreocosmos School of Sacred Dance, founded by Robert Powell in 2002.

This schooling works with dances of the four elements, the seven classical planets and the twelve signs of the zodiac. We work with these dances to enter into a deeper understanding of their place in the universe. As we learn the dances we come to a place of gratitude within ourselves and begin to forma relationship with our world and its wisdom.

When new students begin with the Elements, they enter into a deep understanding of these forces and their informing of our outer and inner environments. They come to know the elements of earth, water, air, and fire as living spirit and through this experiencing one can come to a new beginning, a new way of living their lives on this planet and in themselves.

The seven classical planets bring us to an understanding of the Soul Life. Moon, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn resound in the vastness of the starry realms. The planets have a correspondance with the seven classical soul types.

The twelve signs of the zodiac work with our life in the Spirit. As our students uncover these great mysteries and work with recognizing and developing these qualities within themselves, they are preparing themselves to become vessels that hold the remembrance of these Eternal Cosmic beings and begin to practice a reflecting back to the stars.

To live truly in the Light of Divine Wisdom and know thatDivine Wisdom is ever deepening within us, is a worthy goal for our students and ourselves.

Sophia's Sanctuary welcomes all students regardless of belief, race, sexual orientation or ethnic origin.

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