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Dedicated to the service of humanity, through wisdom and love

Sophia’s Sanctuary is dedicated to the service of humanity, through wisdom and love. Every event we offer is guided by these principles. We offer opportunities for encountering the spirit in every thing living, through creative, life enriching programs. These include classes, workshops, retreats and training programs.

About Linda Delman



Linda Evans Delman was born in 1948 in Albany, New York. She graduated from University of California at Sonoma with a degree in Humanistic Psychology. She met her husband, Russell, while training in yoga, at Shivananda Yoga Ashram in Grass Valley, California in 1974. It was love at first sight and they have been together ever since.

 In 1974 at the Lomi School in Marin County,California she trained in the healing arts of Gestalt,Polarity,Rolfing, and the fundamentals of Aikido. In 1980, she began her work with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and continued in the Feldenkrais Method®, moving from student to Assistant Trainer, to Trainer, Educational Director and Organizer of numerous trainings Internationally and in the USA. This fundamental knowledge of the movement of Awareness in and around the body is key to her life.

After she and her husband Russell became parents of Liliana in 1989, she discovered Waldorf education, developed by Rudolf Steiner, and became a student of his work, Anthroposophy. She is a current member of the Anthroposophical Society.

Through Waldorf parenting classes, she met and studied with Karen Rivers, co-founder of the Sophia Foundation and has been privileged to receive her guidance in ever-deepening subjects. It is through Karen Rivers that she first discovered the bearer of the divine feminine, Sophia. Through this meeting and subsequent friendship, her life was transformed.

 In 1998 she met Robert Powell, founder of Choreocosmos, cosmic and sacred Dance. This meeting and continual gift of knowing him has been the basis of a fundamental life change, a full circle in her search for her destiny and to understand humanity's task, " to learn how to Love".

In 1999, she continued her love of learning and became a student of Jaimen McMillen ,the founder of Spacial Dynamics®. ,and graduated in 2004 after five years of training. Through this training she gained a deeper understanding of the spacial/peripheral body that is the force out of which our lives are held. Jaimen provided experiences of the spacial body in action and his warmth and vitality gave her a new perspective.

In 2008 she began to train with Christiaan Boele,in the School of Uncovering the Voice,founded by Valborg Werbeck-Svaerdstroem, in co-operation with Rudolf Steiner. This is a deep work of unveiling, taking away the hindrances , and freeing the human voice. Christiaan has said that by"uncovering the voice ,we can learn to connect more fully to that which wants to speakthrough our voices:to our deeper,inner ideals and impulses in our lives". She will graduate in 2012.

Through all of these guiding encounters she has formed a life filled with gratitude for what and whom, she has met on her journey so far. Without these guiding forces in her life she would not be as well equiped to carry out the gift of guiding others. She has been a consultant and educator in the fields of psychology, spirituality and movement both domestically and internationally for over 30 years.

Linda is currently the caretaker of Sophia’s Sanctuary, which is the home of the Earthstar School of Choreocosmos and Sacred Dance, as well as a home for The Embodied Life School.

She offers courses and workshops with the following subjects:

  • Choreocosmos
  • Cosmic and Sacred Dance
  • Towards an Understanding of the Upright Human Being
  • Human Biography
  • The Zodiac and the Twelve Classical Virtues
  • Parenting with Spirit
  • Contemplative Practice in Everyday Living
  • The Movement of Attention
  • The Seven Soul Types and the Classical Planets
  • The Divine Feminine
  • Cultivating Loving Kindness
  • Peace in Every Step
Sophia's Sanctuary welcomes all students regardless of belief, race, sexual orientation or ethnic origin.

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