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Dedicated to the service of humanity, through wisdom and love

Sophia’s Sanctuary is dedicated to the service of humanity, through wisdom and love. Every event we offer is guided by these principles. We offer opportunities for encountering the spirit in every thing living, through creative, life enriching programs. These include classes, workshops, retreats and training programs.

Sophia's Sanctuary News

2016 Sophia's Sanctuary Newsletter

By Linda Delman

Dear Friends of Sophia,

As we approach our first gathering of the year, I feel great joy knowing we will be together again as a vessel of goodness for our children, each other and a seed force for this challenged world ... click to read more

2014 Sophia's Sanctuary Newsletter

Notes From the Foundation Stone of Love
By Karen Rivers, Ph.D

Karen began by giving us the history of he Foundation Stone Meditation. It was given by Rudolf Steiner in 1924, to be a guiding light for the future of Humanity. Within the four verses lies a path for our evolution, and the evolution of the Earth.

She spoke about the Foundation Stone and it’s relationship to Nature, reminding us that within every human being lives all of Nature. When we have dominion over our Astral, Etheric, and Physical body, we will be a healing force for Nature. Our Future is to transform our consciousness and to become “pure Love”, so that we can work to build the foundation of Love on the earth.

The endeavor of human beings to bring this meditation to realization within themselves constitutes a step toward building a foundation of love within oneself and the relationships in which one engages, by awakening spiritual memory, spiritual awareness, and spiritual vision.

Alongside her sparkling lectures, she led us in movements that helped us to embody the four verses of the Foundation Stone of Love. These were then put to music by Cesar Franck, played poetically by Marcia Burchard.

We hope you can join us next year near Rudolf Steiner’s Birthday! February 27,28, March 1, 2015

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  • We remodeled the old office and transformed it into "Liliana's Room."
  • The new Dining room and Kitchen were added to the Sanctuary itself. Now, we can feed the community not only spiritual food but organic veggies as well!
  • We started a large outdoor circle at Michaelmas, that Rosamira families help build, and dedicate. We are letting this rest until it becomes clear what this might become.
  • We have begun a new veggie, flower garden behind our home , with a meditation deck as well.



  • We built a new administrator's office with more light, and more flow.
  • Also we aded onto this, a new bedroom, and 1/2 Bath. Now called the "OAK ROOM."



  • We began building 2 cottages for more workshop participants to stay in .
  • They are built in the shape of a pentagram and are quite cozy.
  • Their names are " Earthstar Cottage" and "Pine Cottage".
  • We soon realized we also needed a bath house for these two cottages, so Voila, The Bath House, which offers one room with a toilet and sink, and one room with a shower and sink.



  • We added onto our cottage, a bedroom and bathroom and named it the "Peace Cottage".


Sophia's Sanctuary welcomes all students regardless of belief, race, sexual orientation or ethnic origin.

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