Sophia’s Sanctuary | Sebastopol California

Dedicated to the service of humanity, through wisdom and love

Sophia’s Sanctuary is dedicated to the service of humanity, through wisdom and love. Every event we offer is guided by these principles. We offer opportunities for encountering the spirit in every thing living, through creative, life enriching programs. These include classes, workshops, retreats and training programs.

Sophia's Sanctuary Meditations 

There is a purpose to meditation and prayer in a group form. When we gather together with a single purpose we carry one another along, we enlighten each other and witness together the original meaning of the word,”re-ligious”- to link back together the Heavens and the Earth.

We can take this goal of seeking the source further- beyond thought, beyond feeling, beyond our own willing, to Love.  For we depend upon one another’s acts of love, the world over. We endeavor to grow our ability to act with integrity in the world through our experiences of prayer and meditation. Both humanity and the kingdoms of nature depend upon each one of us to awaken.

Linda Delman is ordained to facilitate the Sophia celebrations and liturgies.

Sophia's Sanctuary welcomes all students regardless of belief, race, sexual orientation or ethnic origin.

Sophia’s Sanctuary .  2836 Bloomfield Road , Sebastopol,Ca. 95472  . . 707-827-3536